I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to teach during my doctoral studies, both at MIT as a teaching assistant and in other contexts. 














MIT Sloan Analytics Lab (15.572) - Head Teaching Assistant, Mentor, and Guest Lecturer (Professors Erik Brynjolfsson and Sinan Aral), Fall 2015, 2016, and 2017

  • Analytics Lab (A-Lab) is an action learning course offered to graduate students at MIT where students work with real organizations to solve problems in data analysis and decision-making. Students in the course partner with companies and apply cutting-edge techniques in machine learning, analytics, and causal inference to inform better business decisions. Selected "skills seminars" include data visualization, deep learning, and large dataset processing techniques.

Research Seminar on Information, Technology, and Organizations: Economic Perspectives (15.575) - Teaching Assistant and Guest Lecturer (Professor Erik Brynjolfsson), Fall 2017

  • This doctoral research seminar covers research in the economics of information technology. Selected topics include automation, crowdsourcing, information economics, information good pricing, and IT and productivity. Course description here.

The Economics of Information (15.567) - Guest Lecturer (Professor Erik Brynjolfsson), Fall 2016, 2017

  • MBA Course covering topics in the economics of information. Guest lecture topics were deep learning (2016) and machine learning for managers (2017).

Propulsion Academy for Data Science in Zurich, Switzerland - Course Developer and Instructor, Machine Learning Module, June 2017

  • Immersive "bootcamp" program to train data scientists in Zurich, Switzerland. Machine Learning module topics include supervised learning techniques (regressions, tree-based methods, basic neural nets), unsupervised learning (clustering, dimension reduction), optimization methods, and Bayesian modeling.