My research investigates how technological investments are driving transformation and value for occupations, firms, and the economy as a whole. 


  • What Can Machines Learn and What Does It Mean for Occupations and the Economy? (with Erik Brynjolfsson and Tom Mitchell) (AEA Papers & Proceedings - 2018) (paper)
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Modern Productivity Paradox: A Clash of Expectations and Statistics (with Erik Brynjolfsson and Chad Syverson) (forthcoming in Economics of Artificial Intelligence  - 2018) (paper) (presentation at NBER: EAI Conference 2017)
  • Identification of Peer Effects in Networked Panel Data (with Sinan Aral and Sean J. Taylor) (International Conference on Information Systems - 2016) (paper)
    • ​Winner, Best Paper 2nd Runner-Up and Best in Track, ICIS 2016

Working Papers

  • Engineering Value: The Returns to Technological Talent and Investments in Artificial Intelligence (Job Market Paper)
  • Machine Learning and Occupational Change (with Erik Brynjolfsson and Tom Mitchell)
  • The Productivity J-Curve: How Intangibles Complement General Purpose Technologies (with Erik Brynjolfsson and Chad Syverson) (PaperAppendix 1, Appendix 2, J-Curve Toy Economy Tool) (Under Review at AEJ: Macro, NBER Working Paper No. 25148)
  • People are Our Greatest Asset: Measuring the Market Value of Human Capital (with Erik Brynjolfsson, Prasanna Tambe, and Jacqueline Barrett)
    • ​Finalist, Wharton People Analytics Best Paper Competition 2018
  • The Perils of Peer Effects in Networked Observational Panel Data (with Sinan Aral and Sean J. Taylor)
  • The Price and Quantity of IT-Related Intangible Capital (with Erik Brynjolfsson, Lorin Hitt, and Prasanna Tambe)
  • Do Labor Demand Shifts Occur Within Firms or Across Them? Non-Routine-Biased Technological Change, 2000-2016 (with Seth Benzell and Guillermo Lagarda) (paper)

Work in Progress

  • How Better Information (and Fast Computers) affect Stock Market Integrity: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial (with Nick Fazzari, Andrew Lo, Guillaume Saint-Jacques, and Neil Thompson)
  • From Learning to Earning: Using Nudge Experiments to Estimate Effects of Pay Transparency on Job Search Behavior (with Sebastian Steffen, Jacqueline Barrett, Keren Baruch, and Fiona Li)
  • The Rate of New Task Creation in the U.S. Economy (with Erik Brynjolfsson, Sebastian Steffen, Daniela Scur, Martin Fleming, Wyatt Clarke, Subhro Das, and Phai Phongthiengtham)
    • Part of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab